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Ways Alkaline Fruits can Greatly Increase your Energy and Vitality

Alkaline fruits help in addressing common issues of today like lack of energy, reduced immunity levels and ill-health.  Many people have become victims of fatigue and to such an extent that it has become debilitating.  Some even complain of losing clarity in thought process because of the weakness spreading to the most important part of the body, the brain.  Excessive and continuous fatigue or lack of energy can lead to brain fog, a term used to refer to the forgetfulness and confusion.  In order to combat these highly rampant issues, alkaline fruits are the solution.

Increase in Alkalinity

Alkaline fruits help in reducing the acidity content in the food that is normally consumed replacing it with foods with essential nutrients for the body.  Alkalinity has gained prominence and has become the buzz word in the diet world.  Everybody is curious to learn and understand the benefits alkaline foods can bring to the body.  Alkaline fruits not only help in increasing energy and vitality, they also detoxify and help reduce the aging process.

Alkaline foods create a healthy environment within the body with improved energy levels, health and weight.  The balance of acid and alkaline levels in the body is the thumb rule of the functioning of high alkaline foods in the body.  This balance is the measure of potential hydrogen (pH) in the body.  It is easy to identify the acid-alkaline levels in the body.  The scale ranges from one to fourteen, one being highly acidic and fourteen is highly alkaline.  As the balance needs to be created in the system, 7-8 reading is ideally what one needs to aim for. Keep in mind that alkaline foods are not the only way to alkalize your body. Another really effective way to incorporate alkaline benefits into your everyday diet is with alkaline water.


Alkaline fruit facts

Natural sugars are emitted from fruits which is a source of high energy.  The process of burning the excessive sugars in the body helps in cleaning the system.  The water content in fruits detoxifies the body.  The proteins and fiber content stimulates the digestive system.  In the alkaline fruit diet, a few fruits are well recommended for daily consumption to increase the energy and vitality.  The following alkalizing foods are likely to create a perfect acid-alkaline balance in the body, as they are low on fructose and starch contents.

Sour Cherries - one of the high alkaline fruit is a sour cherry.  It is low on calories and galvanizing iron (GI) and is highly nutritious.  Some of the additional values present in this alkaline fruit are potassium, folic acid, Vitamins C and B, Calcium, Magnesium, phosphorous, boron, fiber, flavonoids and beta-carotene.

Lemons - are easily available and one of the best alkaline fruits.  Although lemons are considered to be acidic, they have a perfect alkalizing effect on the body.  The Vitamin C in lemons stimulates the body.  Many diet experts and gym coaches recommend a glass of lukewarm water with a dash of lemon early in the morning.  This removes lethargy and gets you all geared up for the day.   It is hard to drink 8 ounces of water every day for some.  An interesting way to keep the water intake flowing to your body is by adding some lemon slices to the water.  The invigorating taste helps in increasing the consumption of water and keeps you away from soft drinks.

Lemons are alkaline:

Apples - These popular alkaline fruits are low on galvanizing iron and nutritious.  They have ample supply of Vitamin C and dietary fiber.  Apples have to be consumed with the skin.  When these slices are coupled with almonds, which are also alkaline in nature, it makes a tasty dish for a snack.

Avocados - are a part of almost all alkaline dishes.  They are rich sources of Vitamins K, B6 and C.  They are tasty and also provide potassium and folic acid to the body.  One should limit the intake of avocados; going overboard with avocados can lead to weight gain.

Figs and Dates - Best alkaline fruits for the sweet-toothed.  Instead of crawling to a sweet box or chocolate case, a few dates would sabotage that craving.  As they have high calorie content, limiting their intake is suggested.

Supplement the food intakes with these alkaline fruits and in time notice the energy levels soaring and vitalizing your body; allowing time for a daily workout schedule and perform daily tasks with ease. There are many other ways to alkalize your body (alkaline water, alkaline vegetables supplements, etc.) which can be considered if fruits is not on the top of your favorite foods list.