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How an Acid Ash Diet Can Dramatically Improve Your Overall Health

Ash diets are always linked to amazing health benefits, and an acid ash diet is no exception. Our body might seem like a single machine from the exterior, but its internal working pattern is quite intricate and delicate, to say the least. And how each cell functions and whether or not it performs in the right manner is highly dependent on the food choices that we make.

Ash diet can be primarily of 2 types – alkaline ash and acid ash, each having its pros and cons. Whether a diet is alkaline ash or acid ash is determined during the digestion period, when the digestive enzymes break up the food into an ash residue. Alkaline foods will generate alkaline ash and acidic foods, acid ash. Most food experts believe that an alkaline environment within the body is healthier and many people are already into it for absorbing its benefits, but what many do not know is that an acid ash diet can also dramatically improve the overall health. To know how, read on.

How can acid ash improve health?

Contrary to popular belief, an acid ash food plan, does not have any impact upon weight loss, and it is rather a diet which is often prescribed for controlling, preventing or curbing an illness. Once the liver has broken down the food that has been ingested, “ash” or a mineral deposit is usually left behind. This can be either acidic or alkaline as per the effects it has on the pH level of the urine. Eating a diet rich in acid ash can help to create an antibacterial environment within the body, which is very favorable for people with UTI infection.

An acid ash diet can reduce the pH level of urine and help to bring  balance back if the body is overtly alkalized. Urine pH manipulation with acidic diet intervention is an age-old practice and a very successful one at that.

Acid alkaline diet review

Acid alkaline diet review indicates that the body always tries to maintain homeostasis within itself, which can be more explicitly defined as a state of balance. PH balance plays a big role in this, which runs from a scale of 1 to 14, with 7-7.5 being the buffered state. Acid pH range below 7 while alkaline pH features above it. For optimum functioning, the buffered state is reasonably the best.

Therefore, to better the health quotient of a system inside out, an acid alkaline diet is the best.

Alkaline diet foods to be combined with acid ash foods

Alkaline ash diet review offers a list of alkaline diet foods. This includes fruits like apples, bananas, raisins, dates, oranges, lemons, dried figs, dried apricots etc. and veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, eggplant, squash, mushrooms, dandelion greens etc. Experts say that to avoid a purely alkaline diet or alkalosis, the aim should be to include alkaline ash and acid ash foods in 70: 30 proportions. This is the best pH balanced diet to follow for a healthier lifestyle.

It is also specifically recommended for people suffering from kidney stones, edema or urinary infections. This is because the formation of kidney stones is directly affected by the urine pH level in individuals, especially those who have a history of it. Calcium phosphate stones in the kidney are encouraged to grow in an alkaline environment just like struvite stones, which consist of magnesium ammonium phosphate. This can be treated successfully by acid ash. Foods rich in acid ash like meats, eggs, cheese, wholegrain, prunes, plums and cranberries can help in this case.

Acid ash diet review indicates that acid ash producing diet may also drastically improve health issues like age-related muscle degeneration, asthma and hypertension.

However, doctors recommending acidic diets are very particular about one thing, and that’s a balance. Too much of acidic foods, according to them, can cause acidosis which is also not favorable. They say that an alkaline acid diet is the key to a more balanced resourcing of acid and alkaline elements into the system.

Having a diet that consists mostly of alkaline forming foods can improve general health especially for those who are relatively healthy already. The quickest way to alkalize the body is with something known as alkaline or ionized water. You can read more about the health benefits of alkaline water on